Quick! Which is more fun to look at?

Well unfortunately last night I got to stare at the one on the right for a good 45 minutes or so. Dreadmills are never as nice as the outdoors in my opinion, but good to have when Mother Nature says, “Mary, don’t you dare mess with me today.”

What’s your most memorable treadmill experience? Maybe most people don’t have these, but I definitely do. Unfortunately none of them are very happy memories. For example, I remember running hours on treadmills when I’ve traveled for work in developing countries (where it was too dangerous to run outside). The worst treadmill I ran on was probably in a hotel in Guatemala. The hotel gym was in a basement and the dreadmills were positioned about 4 inches away from a giant wall of mirrors. So, I got to stare at myself run for about an hour every day. It was weird.

Speaking of which that is what I got to do at the gym this morning since they closed off my favorite non-mirrored room and I was forced into this one.

Another terrible time with the dreadmill was this past winter, when one day the DC skies opened up with buckets of hail. Anthony and I were training for a marathon and HAD to do our long run. We did 14 miles on treadmills, side by side. It was kind of “fun” doing it together but still, being on a dreadmill for over 1.5 hours is close to torture.

But despite it all, I have to give it up for the dreadmill. Because running on a treadmill is better than not running at all.

Enough sad memories, let’s move on to the positive because:

1. It’s Friday!

2. Anthony comes home tomorrow!

3. I just found out that if I lose another toenail I I can just go to, and get myself a little stick on one! What will they think of next.

Another genius idea is iced coffee. I realized that I spend way too much moolah on iced coffee, which is more expensive than hot coffee because it’s difficult to make, expensive to keep cool, and plastic cups cost more than paper cups. The other day I got this nice insulted travel cup for free and thought: it’s time to start making my own iced coffee, suckers!

I don’t know what the MyTouch 3g Slide is, but that’s what the cup says and I’m okay with that. Are you impressed with my US Presidents placemat? Another GREAT steal of a deal I got for $1 at Walmart the other week. I used to know all of the presidents by heart and now I can’t even remember who Abe Lincoln was. So I thought I should study up while I eat oatmeal.

What a fitting quote for my thrifty idea, from our 30th president Calvin Coolidge (picutred above):

“There is no dignity
quite so impressive,
and no independence
quite so important,
as living within your means.”
― Calvin Coolidge



  1. FRD

    Good quote Mary….I hope the Big O is reading your blog, or just remind him when you run by his place this weekend.


  2. I’m pretty sure I used to have that placemat!!! I like to have things like that memorized too… I’m not a total treadmill hater, but it does get old. It’s going to be 100 here again today… so it’s a definite possibility lol.

  3. Kevin

    You need to make a pitcher of iced coffee with the below recipe. Super easy and will last you a while. Its also amazing how there is no bitterness to the coffee as it is ice brewed instead.

    As the article states: “Some mornings just aren’t conducive to loading, watering, and waiting for the drip machine to do its thing, and icing brewed coffee can have mixed, often watery results. This sounds like an alternative, and an evening project a lot of coffee drinkers could get into.”

    tip: Just be sure to dilute it well as it will be nicely concentrated after cold brewing. Perfect for adding some water, ice cubes and some milk to the mix…

  4. ahaha. that slide 3g was the last phone i owned. it was a t-mobile rename of an HTC. i just switched to an iphone a few months ago, and i’m not sad about it.

    your iced coffee > the phone reference. :p i loved sweetened condensed milk in homemade iced coffee. not the healthiest option, since i love plain soy milk in my hot coffee… but i’ll blame the pioneer woman for that one.

  5. That is so funny that you call them Dreadmills! I really don’t hate the treadmill much at all…but I start training for my first half marathon next week and I have a feeling that when it comes to any 9, 10, or 11 mile runs–my options will be a dreadmill or outside. And I think I’ll go with outside 🙂

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