feeling science-y

Weekend countdown: 2 days.

I’ve got some work to do this morning, so my typical track workout has been rescheduled for this evening. So instead of a nice picture of sunshine and trees, here’s a picture of breakfast! Oats. (with a bunch of other delicious stuff like bananas and cinnamon and coconut).

Yes it’s in a tupperware, because I take it to work. But don’t worry, I won’t microwave it. I’m sure everyone has heard of this by now, but microwaving tupperware might release chemicals/BPA into your food. While I made coffee this morning, I came across this article in RedBook:

And if RedBook isn’t the authority on cancer, I don’t know who is.

But anyways, why am I not microwaving my oats? Because I’m eating them cold. Overnight oats are perfect on a hot day! And since the National Weather Service has placed a heat advisory on DC today, I think this is the perfect breakfast choice.

Back to the heat, though. As I admitted yesterday, the temps really hit me on my run and I had to walk a few times. I was dying. Today, I was planning on participating in a 4 mile race hosted by the club, which has been canceled due to the heat! What’s the deal? Why are all the runners wimping out?

The heat is one thing, but the dew point is the real reason everyone is flocking to treadmills instead of the outdoors. Dew point is the temperature at which water condenses. So the higher the dew point, the “thicker” the air. Thick air means less room for your sweat to evaporate and more pressure on your lungs. Runner’s World provided this dew point guidance table:

50–54 Very comfortable
PR conditions
55–59 Comfortable Hard efforts likely not affected
Uncomfortable for some people Expect race times to be slower than in optimal conditions
65–69 Uncomfortable for most people Easy training runs might feel OK but difficult to race well or do hard efforts
70–74 Very humid and uncomfortable Expect pace to suffer greatly
75 or greater
Extremely oppressive Skip it or dramatically alter goal

Wunderground tells me that today the DC dewpoint is around 71. So if I run outside, I should expect to “suffer greatly.”

I think I’ll stick to the treadmill tonight.

Wow, where did all this knowledge come from? I have seriously overloaded my brain with math and science this morning. I’m going to go read RedBook some more.



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