Look who came over for dinner! Mercedes was kind enough to cook a big pot of Indian food for Leah, Miriam, and myself. It’s been 14 hours since the Indian food was cooked and consumed, and my apartment still smells like cumin and coconut. I know you think Mercedes is the one holding the pot, but actually that is just Miriam trying to take credit for a really tasty coconut tomato chicken curry.

We had a fabulous Tuesday night in my apartment. Counting my roommates, we were a total of 6 fabulous females.

Speaking of my roommates, look at this fine lady I spotted on my run this morning:

Daniela has earlier office hours than me. What’s funny is that sometimes when I’m walking home from work, I see her pass me running! In fact there are a handful of people I spot to and from my morning runs and walks to work. I’m going to start trying to take pictures of them and feature them on my blog. But not in a stalker way. Really.

Did I mention it is a zillion degrees out this morning? I chugged through my 9.5 mile run but had to stop more than once to walk.

I also drank about 1,000 gallons of water straight from the water fountain. Some people think water fountains are gross, and to be honest I sort of do too. But what is a lady to do when she’s in the forest with no Dasani nearby?

I feel okay so far, but there’s no telling whether I’ll develop a case of Cryptosporidium Parvum Disease later. Uh oh.



  1. Leah

    I’m impressed you made it outside this morning!!! I was a wimp and went for the treadmil.

    I want Indian leftovers! Yummy

  2. oh yeah. i totally think that but go for the water fountain anyways. i like your new sidebar pic. that’s new, right? love the lingering smell of indian food. it’s so strong!

    • it is new! i thought i would be like other bloggers and slap a nice photo of ME all over MY blog about ME! I’m still getting used to broadcasting myself and my life everywhere but I guess some people like reading it.

  3. I am right there with you on the water thing. I am big on the taste and sometimes straight from a tap or water fountain tastes bad. But when you are super thirsty, water is water…no matter where it’s available !

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