real world

It’s boot(y) camp time!

Salone whipped me and 35 other people into gear this morning. Suicides, sprints, lunges, and a foot race? It was like high school gym class x10.

Why are burpees so popular? Because they are the ultimate test of fitness. Wikipedia informs me that the US army used burpees as a fitness measure when assessing soldiers in WWII.

Since the class is pretty short, I had time for a short run through Mt.Pleasant, a mostly hispanic neighborhood nearby. One of my favorite parts of town.

I finally finished the 200 metric tons of couscous I made last week, and have moved on to pasta. I know the whole wheat is better for me, but to be honest it’s just one of those healthy substitutes that isn’t even close to the goodness of the original. So I mixed half normal pasta, half whole wheat! Half is better than none right?

I also try to buy Newman’s own products because they’re tasty and give profits to charity. ūüôā

Add a billion vegetables, some cannellini beans, and some chicken!

And, I was like, BOOM. Bazooka Joe.

(If you don’t know where this phrase comes from you missed a great season of 2004¬†Real World San¬†Francisco)

The good news is I get to continue geeking out about running and food for the rest of the day because my runner friends are coming over, and we’re cookin’ dinner! Doesn’t get better than that.



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