caffeine and British flashbacks


I thought the rain had passed when I stepped out for a run this morning, but was lucky enough to get completely drenched at about 0.7 miles. Thank goodness my new camera is waterproof!

I don’t mind running in the rain too much. The paths are less crowded because all the wimps stay home. When you pass another runner, you exchange looks that say, “yeah, we’re badass.”

I got used to rain running when I studied abroad in England. I lived in this bumpkin town called Norwich and got to run on muddy trails through pastures and forest. Since it’s England, it was always raining. But still really pretty. One of my favorite trails across the pond:

I spent a lot of time outdoors and at pubs when I was in Norwich. One reason was because I lived in a shoebox. My room was approx. 6 square feet. See that nice wallet on my desk? Some Spanish thief is probably still cashing in my collection of punch cards and coupons. Luckily I had no money while I was abroad so he only got about $50 when he stole it on the metro.

In England I also developed a love for tea. It’s been two years since then, and though I do enjoy a cuppa English breakfast I have started dating an Australian/Italian which means I wake up shaking for this.

That’s my lovely Bialetti in the dark morning hours! Did you know espresso actually has less caffeine than drip coffee? Who knew.

A rainy Monday, huh? Luckily I’ve got an afternoon with Salone to look forward to!



  1. Oh my goodness- thank God you mentioned your camera! I have been considering purchasing this camera for months, but when you posted about it earlier I had almost talked myself out of it. Then, I decided I wanted it (or a waterproof camera to always have in my purse as well as run and bike with) and spent an hour searching all of the blogs I follow trying to remember who it was that mentioned it!

    So, after saying all of that, how do you like it? My main concern is the handling- is it difficult to get the front to slide down to take a pic while you are running? Please do tell, I’m ready to purchase if I have another runner who approves! 🙂 Thank you so much in advance!

    • I LOVE it! It’s small, light, and fits nicely in my hand when I run. I don’t take photos while running (I stop for 2 seconds and shoot) but find it does it a great job. You probably could take a photo while actually running if you wanted. It’s got some really neat features – so far I like the “blur out background” which makes close-up photos look professional. Also does a good job in dark lighting and humidity from what I can tell so far. I don’t think sliding down the cover is too much of a burden – the release and shot time is super fast, so sliding down the cover, picking a shot, and snapping it takes about 5 seconds. Keep in mind I am comparing it to a 2009 Canon Powershot that was a bit busted up, so of course it’s amazing to me…but I read great reviews about it and am glad I chose it over other rugged cameras (like Olympus Tough, Fujifilm XP30)

  2. I’m trying to teach myself to like tea, but not much luck so far!! Love those little espresso makers. They were super popular in the Dominican Republic too. I was forever melting the handle… not much skill in that area!

  3. hahaha i got a bialetti in february!!! i’ve taken a break to go back to drip coffee, but i loved waking up to it on every cold morning. the 5 or 6 oz. was probably not the best thing i could do to myself. but it was so. delicious.

  4. Great photos! I’ve always wanted to run in the rain (believe it or not, I never have!)…it just seems like it would be so relaxing and amusing. I may have just jinxed my half marathon though now :/

    I loove tea! I grew up drinking it and the habit transferred into my adult life.

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