go go go round 2

Being a blogger means taking photos of everything. I never know what I’ll be doing in the future, so I snap lots of photos every time something mildly interesting happens in fear that I’m going to run out of material.

I think I’m starting to learn that that’s never going to happen, because I have really good friends and nature all around me to keep things interesting. Oh, and the fact that I eat three meals a day just further seals the promise of EXTREMELY USEFUL AND INTERESTING INFORMATION, for everyone to read. So let’s get on with more food pictures please.

On day 2 of Baltimore adventures, Alanna, Bunny, and Mary went to GoldenWest Cafe for brunch. We were famished after getting lost/taking a scenic tour of Druid Hills for about an hour before we found our way to Hamden.

So I ordered the “huevos montulenos” which I interpret as “mountainous eggs.”

Then Alanna and I headed back to DC while listening to BossyPants. Tina Fey is pretty funny – I’d definitely recommend this book.

Back in DC, I basically dropped my bags and picked up my running shoes. (Okay, I might have taken a 20 minute power nap in between). The run looked like this:

I also spotted a painted panda. They’re all over the city in PandaMania.

It was a longer run, and about half of it was on sidewalks. Toward the last mile, I pretty much in shock because I had seen no sidewalk furniture the entire route! I actually did think, during my run, about how strange it was. It’s pretty rare that I don’t see something for free on a weekend run.

But then I saw this jewel, only .5 miles from my apartment. These people have been waiting since 1962 to put this baby on the sidewalk! I’m not sure where the pillows went, or if you’re supposed to just line the sofa in the newspapers provided. Talk about easy cleanup.

Oh wait, it’s been like 3 paragraphs without a photo of food. Sorry-let’s get on with it!

Melanie and I met up for dinner right after my run. Since neither of us had any food and my dining out streak was going pretty strong, we decided to jazz ourselves up for a nice dinner out. She recommended we try Sakuramen. My experience with ramen noodles is limited to 1,000 instant packets of spicy beef Maruchan Top Ramen that I consumed between ages 8 and 13, so I was ready to expand my palette.

Noodles, a ton a veggies, and some pork belly? Well, okay. This was fantastic! I love buying food that I could never make myself. This definitely topped Instant Noodles by a long shot.

Then stuff got even more crazy when we ordered dessert. Why not.

Melanie is  a #1 friend for recommending fun new places. Also, the woman sitting across from us is #1 as well, for being a good sport and tolerating an hour of girl talk. The restaurant is really neat, but I wouldn’t recommend taking a first date there due to awkward seating arrangements and really, really, messy noodles that you basically have to slurp. Luckily Melanie and I have passed that phase of our relationship.

I went to a friend’s fun housewarming party after, and finally crashed around midnight. What a day!

And then it was go time again. Though I could have spent all day cleaning and unpacking and organizing, I did take time to take a nice run. And spot another panda.

Are you tired of food and nature photos? I wish I could say I’ll have something different for you tomorrow, but I’ve come to accept that eating and running are pretty much the interest of my every day. And I actually quite like it as such.


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  1. Love the pandas! We had a similar thing with elephants in London a few years ago to raise money for a conservation charity, and this year we had a giant Easter egg hunt with huge egg sculptures. I like planning my runs to ‘collect’ as many as possible when they have them 🙂

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