go go go round 1

Right now is the first time I’ve stopped since Thursday.

Photo above: BALTIMORE! I bolted on the train straight from work on Friday, and made it to Charm City just in time for Alanna‘s birthday celebration.

Fun fact: Alanna is 1/4 Japanese. So we got Japanese food.

Nanami Cafe was impressive! Fresh, affordable, and laid back. In spirit of my trip, I ordered a Chesapeake roll, which had fresh crab meat and old bay seasoning. Sounds sort of funny, but it was good! I also ate an Alaska roll which has nothing to do with Baltimore or anything else in my life.

Why do Japanese restaurants serve these massive beers? I got so excited that I poured my beer into my glass at a perfect 90° angle, thus resulting in a mountain of foam that didn’t diminish for about 30 minutes.

Fun fact #2: I am 0% Japanese, but my dad used to work for a mostly-Japanese company. Thus I started eating sushi when I was basically an infant. We used to have visiting Japanese coworkers over for Thanksgiving dinner which featured both traditional turkey and spicy tuna rolls.

Anyways, I am now a full-grown 100% adult who goes to very sophisticated venues such as Latin Palace.

The club’s walls are painted with phrases like “let’s party now,” and “it’s salsa time.” Inflatable palm trees and flamingos grace the borders of the dance floor, which is mostly populated by Latin men under 5 feet tall.

We were extra lucky that a bunch of sailor men turned up just to dance with the birthday girl.

I know this post looks like it has nothing to do with running and fitness, but did I mention that we danced for 2 hours straight? Right up there with marathon running, in my opinion.

Have yerself a happy birthday, matey!



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