What do you do when your roommate spontaneously asks you to go to a Zumba class on Thursday night?

You say yes! Daniela did just this. See the wonderful collage I made of us? We were definitely shaking it. Almost as good as our teacher:

I have no idea how he moves like that.

Speaking of men made for the stage, here’s a video of my hairdresser back when he was a performer on a cruise ship.

The evening ended with our weekly wine night. I baked some cookies for the extra special occasion.

The evening got even more wonderful when we realized Mean Girls was on TV. I am really living up girls’ week while Anthony is gone!

Good thing I warmed up at Zumba last night because tonight I’ll be doing the same thing, likely at Latin Palace. This Baltimore discoteca certainly offers space to mambo and salsa. Here’s a photo from the last time we went (for my birthday):

And this time, we’re going for Alanna‘s birthday!

Before the fun begins I’m taking it easy with these guys. I’m at the end of my massive animal cracker tub, so these are the last whole animals I could dig up. It’s limbs, heads, and torsos for the next week or so.

Charm city here I come!



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