fun and therapy on the cheap

Here it is again!

Teddy Roosevelt Highs School track, my Thursday morning date. I took it really easy today and mostly helped new runners who came to the club’s workout. Since I just raced last night, I figured I could use a break!

Perfect morning. Cool air and quiet streets.

Running in circles might not seem appealing to many people, but I like it. You don’t really have to think. I saw this one another blog today, and it sort of sums up the experience in a strange way.





I think people do yoga or go to therapy for the same reason, but the good news is I pay 100% less than them.

Highlights of the run included seeing a man who looked exactly like LL Cool J and another guy who looked totally normal, except he was walking down this side street with no shirt and no shoes. It was like he just forgot to put them on. I really wanted to snap a photo of both these guys for the sake of the blog but just couldn’t muster up the courage to ask them. Next time!

Anyways, back to running. I completed my first 5k yesterday! WOOO! If I’m still running when I’m as old as these guys, then I’ve got a lot of 5ks to come!

The club is super diverse. We’ve got all ages, paces, walks of life. A really fun group. On the right is Robyn, who won the women’s race with a time of 20:17. Speed demon!

I came in 4th, at 21:41 (a 6:58 pace), which means I won a gift card to Georgetown Running store! Awesome.

Running a 5k was a pretty neat experience. Since I’ve never really done short races before, it was a whole new mental undertaking for me. Whereas usually I take the first 2 miles as a warm-up in most races, in this one I basically sprinted from the start! I tried to pace myself as best as I could, and luckily the second half of the route was slightly downhill so negative splits (aka, running faster in the second half of the race than you do in the first half) was possible. I’ll have to try another 5k to see if I can go faster next time!

I love small races like this. They’re cheap, low-stress, and you get to meet people. Nothing like some friendly competition to spice up a week night.



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