fried green tomato + 5k


I took my new camera out for a spin! I ❤ Sony DSC-TX10. I’m still playing with all the features, but it seems like a really great purchase so far. I did love my Canon PowerShot SD1200, but was ready for an upgrade.

You know what else is a huge upgrade? This restaurant.

Last night I met up with Catherine at Southern Hospitality. This new restaurant replaced the old Adam’s Mill Bar and Grille, which was an awful sports bar. I’d been avoiding the new place with fear that it’d be the same bad food with a new name, but I was totally wrong. It’s more than just a name!

I got an awesome burger that was a mix of lamb and beef. Plus goat cheese and a fried green tomato?! Sold.

Catherine had a wonderful steak salad. And we shared some drinks with the bartender. She’s a regular here!

Great night!

Do burgers make a good pre-race meal? We’ll find out tonight! I’m running a club race after work. It’s my first ever 5k, so that means a guaranteed PR! (PR = personal record). YES!

I’ve only run one shorter race – a 10k – in my life thus far. I’m hoping to get faster this summer, and one way to do so is by racing more. Luckily the DC Road Runners offer plenty of cheap local races for me to partake in.

Ready set go.



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