day and night

Happy Monday!

It was a good weekend. Nothing like some sequins, fishnets, and a frappacino to celebrate.  I wasn’t even that shocked to see this guy in front of me at Starbucks yesterday. It was Capital Pride weekend, and the streets were full of GLBT support.

My outfit seems far less interesting in comparison. But at least I got to pose with a penguin! Ha!

So I think I finally killed my camera after exposing it to about 100 miles of sweat, dirt, and concrete. The humidity might have infected the lens.

Which is why I ordered this yesterday! I am sad to lay my Canon to rest but it just wasn’t tough enough for my very rugged lifestyle.

Anyone want to guess what color I went for? There was some serious debate but I finally made the order. I think I was so excited about the camera (and also totally freaked out after watching the last episode of Awake) that I couldn’t sleep  last night.

Which meant I overslept this morning. Which meant no run this morning. Which meant, lazy breakfast!

I’m totally fine with the occasional sleepy start, but still prefer to get my workouts over and done first thing in the morning. Which is better for you, though? I’ve researched a number of times and the science seems to say that afternoon workouts might be marginally “better” for you than morning runs. “Better” because our body temperatures and energy levels are highest from 4-6 pm, and lowest from 3-5 am. So, in the afternoon you have more energy, which means you’d probably have a better workout. The big argument against the afternoon-is-best theory, though, is that people who workout in the morning tend to maintain more regular exercise than evening exercisers. So, people who workout in the morning are probably more fit in the long-term.

If quality levels are only slight different, I’d rather go with quantity. Plus, none of these articles consider showering and styling your hair, which is extremely inconvenient to undertake at 7 pm in my opinion. I need to spend time with my blow dryer before I start the day. DUH.

But I guess today is different. Luckily I can just toss on my bleach blonde wig and fishnets.



  1. Totally an afternoon exerciser at heart. I probably have double the energy if not more. Which is why I always suck at races. I want to be a morning exerciser just so I can have dinner earlier. Lol.

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