bright ideas

God bless the weekend. Two point five days to catch up on life and enjoy everything. Love it.

I went to boot camp this morning and it kicked my butt per usual. The workout is indoors (luckily, because it’s about 100 degrees today) in this large room completely lined with mirrors. So, you basically have to stare at yourself for the entire hour. It’s a bit of a strange experience for someone not used to gym workouts, but I’m getting used to it. Today I noticed that I am remarkably tan after only a few weeks of nice weather. I must have soaked in at least 2 shades of tan after yesterday’s super bright run…

I thought my tan was pretty cool until I read this article.

This British man has been a truck driver for 28 years. The left side of his face = side facing window of truck. Right side of face = side shaded by passenger’s seat.

I think I’ll buy some sunscreen now. I’ve heard a billion times to constantly wear sunscreen – especially as an outdoor runner. But this picture speaks a billion and one words.

You know what else is wonderful about weekends? You finally have time to cook. Like, really cook, with music, perhaps a glass of wine, and a new recipe that requires energy and attention. I tried this one because I was looking for something vegetarian and cheap. I altered the recipe a bit, of course, by adding cucumber, broccoli, and tofu. A couple more veggies can never hurt in my opinion!

I’d give this recipe two thumbs. I’m going to be eating it for the next 100 days because I made 15 pounds of it, so we’ll see how long it takes till I get sick of cous cous.

The real culinary challenge in this one, though, was the beans. After eating a billion beans and lugging around heavy bean cans in my shopping bags, I finally stuck it to the bean man and bought the basic bagged beans.

I was really intimidated by these babies. I made sure to follow all the directions on the back (for the medium-length (not overnight) cooking method, which takes about 5 hours) : wash and rinse, boil, sit, boil, sit, strain, eat!

And they turned out just fine. Farewell cans! I will never have to lug you around, fight with my can opener, drain out your bean liquid goo, or have you take up space in my recycling bin.

Today I’m headed to the Make it Mount Pleasant craft fair! To (responsibly) soak up a few more hours of the weekend before Monday hits.



  1. I find dry beans a little scary too. I’ve tried to be tan every year till now… I’ve read some pretty disturbing things and now I’m trying to work with the sunscreen.

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