let’s run 14 miles and buy a couch


Met up with the dear old club for our usual Saturday long run. I think I squinted the entire 14 miles!

It was a good run, but not my best. My stomach has been feeling a bit off on the past 4 long runs I’ve done. I’m going to start testing out some new dinner/drink options the night before and morning of. And probably drink more water on Friday, and definitely carry water on the run! The club usually provides a mid-point water stop, but if no one volunteers to do it, then we’re all freaking thirsty for a long time. That would have been me today.

So I guess that means Pica Taco will have to be a Thursday experience from now on, not a Friday one.

Or even better, a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday experience, not a Friday one. I think I am going to eat there 6 days a week from now on. Anthony and I believe this is probably the best Mexican food we’ve had in DC. My goal used to be to run a marathon in under 3.5 hours, but now I have changed it to eat a 4 lb burrito in under 45 minutes.

(seriously, I think I can do it!)

These guys probably could, too. After the long run this morning, Brian, Dylan, and I headed to Corner Bakery to refuel and talk about club stuff. Guess what? DC Road Runners is getting a blog. Now you all can read even MORE of my rambles on running. Plus more silly photos like this one. Club president on the left, web master on right. Both SUPER excited to be featured on this and future blogs!

My morning continued to revolve around running when I met Anthony to help him shop for new zapatos. Check out the pair he got! Similar to my Brooks Connect, but a different version. And men’s, obviously. What a brilliant red!

The shopping continued when we popped in West Elm for more apartment deals. I got a little sad when I saw a loveseat that I have no need for nor money for. Sometimes shopping without buying anything can just be really tough on the soul. My sister will recall an instance of me crying at Old Navy in 1998 when I went to the store, tried on a bunch of stuff, and didn’t buy anything. To make matters worse she got like 6 tops. I like to think I have matured since then but clearly I still have a small lingering need to buy everything in every store.

Don’t worry, I got over myself in about 2 minutes and actually did shower, eventually…

I plan on dedicating the rest of the day to burrito eating practice.

Pica Taco on UrbanSpoon: Pica Taco on Urbanspoon



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