past and present

Since I’ve got no run nor workout planned for today, let’s relive the runs Anthony and I took on in Ohio. My aunt lives next to a wonderful wooded trail!

We covered a 5-ish mile route twice while we were there. The route was flat and beautiful! But a big buggy. I think I ate about 28 gnats. Why is gnat spelled with a g?

I like running with Anthony. He keeps me company and keeps me fast!

Another moment I want to relive: shopping at a huge TJ Maxx. See the storm gathering behind me? That was like me, in the store. Complete shopping disaster. I bought some very essential items such as: new socks and a sea salt grinder. The beauty of stores like this is that they remind you of all the stuff you didn’t even KNOW you needed. $50 later everyone is a happy and dazed owner of a bunch of stuff.

Back to reality, though. Coming back to DC is so hard when you have to trek a mile in the beautiful spring weather to share frozen yogurt with friends, right? Girls’ evening kicked off with some yogurt machine madness.

(yes I just found a really neat photo collage website: photovisi)

I know mine looks like plain old vanilla, but it is a mix of coconut and greek original! Black and white just would not do this picture justice.

Conversation topics included: Leah’s birthday, a man named Antonio, running, online dating, and these two men who look like twins.

Then stuff got real crazy when Miriam got called into work at 9 pm. What the heck? We took a spontaneous sympathy shot of tequila to end the night.

And because it’s Friday, here’s a banana that has been completely embedded into the pavement of Washington DC.

Stuff like this beats out the aisles of my favorite discount shopping store.



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