mad woman

Back in the old routine!

Thursday track was calling me. Anthony joined me and a couple other club members for some laps. I did 6×600 (that means, 6 rounds of 1.5 full laps!) plus recovery. It was a hot one!

Last night we cooled down with this:

After I ate an enormous watermelon last week, I decided I should do the same this week. Anthony also purchased this really neat and manly old school whiskey set, which we thought we should test out last night. I don’t really like drinking whiskey straight-up, but the glasses made taking a few sips fun! Now, all I need is a cigarette and a bob. Then I can be an actress on mad men.

Though Anthony might have been faster than me at the track this morning, I think I might have won the cheese-off last night.

We both had bought some swiss. Mine, from Harris Teeter. His, from Whole Foods. Naturally this meant that we had to have a swiss-off. The verdict was that they were both good- Teeter, a bit sharper, but WF, a bit creamier. I was sort of let down by the same-ness of the two, but I guess it was exciting enough for a Wednesday night. Don’t worry, we didn’t just eat cheese for dinner (though that actually would have been just fine in my books). We made these babies, which are perfect for a low-budget, quick, and healthy dining experience.

I wonder when wraps became popular? I don’t really remember seeing a wrap until the late 90s. This Wikipedia entry says they debuted in America in the 1980s, but the Greeks have been eating them for ages. Those Greeks know a good wrap, huh? Maybe they should focus more on wrap production to salvage their economy.

Three things that have made me smile in the past few days:

1. The best niece in the world.

2. The Serenity Singers, a performance group hailing from my grandma’s Akron, Ohio elderly care community. Yep they jam to black eyed peas.

3. The fact that the free couches in my apartment are gone, and have been replaced by a free Ricky Martin autobiography.

I totally would have snagged it, but I’ve already read this one 8 times.


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  1. Oo.. I really like those glasses. I don’t even like to drink, but I always think the accessories are cool. And the Ricky Martin autobiography is priceless!!!! Lol. You live in the best apartments.

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