catching up

It’s been too long! I know I have a hugely enormous fan base that is extremely disappointed, so my apologies to all 15 of you for the silence over the past few days. I’ve been in Ohio. Though I wish I could say it was a fun getaway, I was there to say goodbye to my grandpa. He had a long and lively 89 years, and is in a better place now.

A place even more perfect than this.

Yep, that was the race course for the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon. I woke up super duper early on Saturday to meet up with some club members to run 13.1 miles. See 3,000 competitors lined up below!

I finished in 1:42 (an average 7:50 pace). Not my best, but not bad considering I was running on extremely low physical and mental strength, and that I had to stop twice for the restroom!  A friend gave me a ride to the race and let me try these, though, which probably boosted my speed. Or at least, made me think I was fast 🙂

Nuun tablets. Fun!

The race was not too congested, had good spirit, and gave me a free wine glass at the end! I didn’t stick around for the tasting because we had to hit the road to the midwest ASAP. Of course my wine glass broke after rolling around in my suitcase. Wah.

A sweaty six hours in the car with my best friend! We were sooooo tired after sleeping only four hours the night before, but powered through thanks to latin radio stations, podcasts, the new John Mayer album, and deep and meaningful soul searching dialogue.

Though most normal people hate driving, Anthony and I find it really awesome because we live in the city and have no cars. You know what else we get unusually excited about?! WALMART! We have nothing of its size, price, or glory.

Anthony had to pick up a bunch of little knick knacks for his new apartment. He got some good deals! And of course I spent $50 and don’t even know what I bought. How does Walmart make everything so cheap? Also, the place is huge. I think they should clear their aisles out one day and host a half marathon inside the shop. I would reckon that five laps around the average American Walmart is approximately 13.1 miles. Sign me up.



  1. Ha! I was actually wondering where you were yesterday!!!! Sounds like a fun race. But I hate road tripping so-so much! I love to hang with Kevin, but the driving just gets on my nerves. Lol.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa.

    Great race though. Also, I absolutely love Walmart. We make trips out of the city to the suburbs to shop there to save money and I’m honestly not too sure how logical that is considering the gas $. Oh well, its always an adventure.

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