sorry, boys

I am usually too tired for an evening run, but sometimes it’s a great way to unwind after a long day.

Yesterday I did a little jog after work. I came across this man at a stop light and decided to race him up the hill.

He won. Gotta keep my eye out for him again.

Why are boys faster than girls? It’s a long list of hypotheses, none of which seem to be the single answer (if there is one). It’s some sort of mix involving body fat, muscle and bone structure, and oxygen levels. And a bunch of social indicators like percentage of females who run, societal acceptance of female runners, competitiveness of women, etc. What’s interesting to me, is that over longer distances, females and males start to average out in terms of race times. So, the longer the race, the more likely a woman is to beat a man. Next time I see this guy I am going to challenge him for a steady 20-miles instead of a single hill!

Girls rule, boys drool. Yesterday I met up with these two lovely ladies for a morning walk to work and some late-night watermelon on my roof.

Looking to furnish your home? The streets of DC still have these gems up for grabs:

This is the same stuff I saw Saturday, but it looks like a few things might be missing, and the shoe moved.

I was shocked that this was the only furniture I saw on my entire run yesterday, but then I walked into my apartment and saw this, smack dab outside my elevator. Three couches, desks, lamps…basically, someone has relocated their entire dingy apartment to my hallway. How generous of them!

Yes, that note says “free.” Can you believe this beauty costs $0?!!

I was looking for another pair of crutches, actually…

Other than that, it’s Friday. I’m looking forward to spending some much-needed time with my family this weekend.



  1. Lol. I love racing random people. And it totally sucks that boys are faster. My husband can train about 50% as hard as me and keep up. The competitiveness is definitely a factor there too because he always does SO WELL in races compared to his normal running.

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