beds and breakfast


I never really ate eggs for breakfast until I started dating Anthony. Now, they’re part of my regular routine. Speaking of Anthony, today was his last day as my temporary roommie! His mattress is scheduled to arrive at his new apartment today, which means he’ll have his own bed at his own place tonight. It’s been a fun week or so living together! Doesn’t his expression convey this?

His mattress is supposed to be the best mattress in the world with 1,000,000,000,000 springs or something like that. Remember waterbeds?!

My sister used to have one, along with a ceiling entirely covered by those glow-in-the-dark solar system stickers. What a trend setter! Waterbeds are one of the silliest but maybe best ideas ever. A bit retro, but I wonder if they will make a comeback?

I’ve got a quick afternoon run scheduled for today. Taking it easy because race day is just around the corner!

Here is a picture from the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon, 2011. Hopefully I’ll be having as much fun as these ladies but will be 10x faster than them.

Another day, another dollar!



  1. Alanna

    I will never forget your complete disgust of me eating eggs back in mccoy. Also, I know you liked to be informed- I made a delicious smoothie this morning. Mango and banana. Happy Thursday!

  2. momma d

    Eggs with hot Hungarian yellow peppers and onions, sauteed in bacon grease and then fried in that same pan, and then topped on the plate with fresh basil…ain’t getting better than that !


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