where’s bentley?

Where did the time go? I was super busy working (boo!) most of the weekend but managed to fit in some fun anyways.

My summer sweet tooth kicked in.

I’ve already bought my second one since this guy! Watermelon is probably top 5 favorite fruits for me. And whoever invented the seedless watermelon is top 1 favorite person for me.

The sweet continued when I had two fantastic impulses. 1) chocolate chip cookie bakin’

2) Coconut donut buyin’

You know what? Donuts make for excellent carb loading immediately before a longer run. I set out for 8-9 yesterday evening.

I stuck to shaded trails as much as I could. It was 90 degrees outside people.

Highlight of the run was this water fountain. It’s one of my favorite ones to stop at because it has good pressure and stream height and the water is usually colder than most other fountains. Plus it’s located at the top of a big hill. I am a water fountain connoisseur.

I saw some more junk on the street. Do people just forget things when they’re moving? Like a single shoe? I’m very curious about these sidewalk dumpers and their motives for action.

Ducks crossing!

More wildlife… in the form of A REAL LIVE POISONOUS AND DEADLY SNAKE.

Also spotted Teddy Roosevelt.

After all of that, I still can’t find what I am really looking for on my runs lately. Where is Bentley?!!!

I have no segue into this, but here’s a picture of the really good sushi Anthony and I had over the weekend.

It feels like Monday, but it’s actually Tuesday! Let’s hope this week flies by.




  1. Alanna

    Mary!I miss you, what delicious looking sushi. I biked on a bunch of trails through/around DC on Sunday and I kept thinking you’ve definitely run on a lot of them. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Awwwwwwwwa poor Bentley!!!!!!! I’m aways so bummed when we see missing dog signs. Seriously, a snake!?!!! I’d freak! And I wouldn’t be taking any pictures!!!

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