Let’s start with a Saturday run. I met with the club for a new run, “Saturday Mid Run.” Usually I go to the group’s “Saturday Long Run,” but wanted to try out something new yesterday. It was a good, smaller group, with a lot of energy!

Highlights from my ten miles included this guy biking a canoe.

And this. Note the pair of boxer shorts draped over the road sign- what attention to detail!

Is it an eviction? Messy breakup? Or just someone who can’t properly pack a box?

Speaking of boxes, Anthony is moving! I thought he might be interested in the free stuff I found on my run but it looks like he’s got enough stuff as it is.

Yesterday he and his roommate hauled boxes, went to Ikea, and enjoyed all the fun and stress of moving! I sadly had to miss out because of work, but tried to chip in as I could by cooking dinner for the team.

We had a nice little gathering that started in my apartment and landed on the roof!

I’m posting this picture just to gather support for the cause that I need a new camera. If I don’t get one, terrible photos like this will continue to pollute the blog.


Despite some blurry photos and a dude taking up the entire sidewalk with a canoe, it’s been a good weekend so far. Looking forward to Anthony’s new place- will keep you posted!



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