GU-d times

Look at all this GU!

Yesterday the DC Road Runners put on a pretty epic happy hour event. We gave out food, tshirts, gift cards, and a ton of GU. I was responsible for all the fun stuff which means I got to pick out all the fried foods and all the GU flavors. Score.

The event was at Hard Times Cafe. The staff treated us so nicely! Every time I host an event for the club, the restaurant staff is amazed at how much runners consume. We downed about 1,000,000,000 chicken fingers in an hour.

Awards were given to race winners in age groups from 20-25, all the way to 60-70! We’ve got a really diverse club which makes events like these even more fun.

This morning I headed to the gym where I was lucky enough to snag the audio machine in one of the small workout rooms. That means that the four other people lifting weights with me got to listen to John Mayer and Keane. Suckers!

On my mile jog back home, I didn’t see anything exciting except this shoe in the sky.

I live near a strip of bars, dance clubs, etc, so I guess someone in the local government thought a decorative high heel shoe light would be a nice addition to the street? I’ve never seen the shoe light up but will be sure to keep you posted on any progress.

I’ve made some progress in the shoe department, though! Let me seize this segue to present my latest impulse experience:

Ironically, this shoe is the exact same color of TriBerry, my favorite GU flavor.

Happy Friday!



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