ethiopia to japan

Here I was again!

I’ve been hitting the treadmill for my past two track workouts, and took it back to the basics this morning. 3×1600, 1×400. That means, 3 miles, and 1 half mile. With a jog lap between each loop.

There’s a group of Ethiopians who show up in the summer mornings. Their recovery laps are generally faster than my sprints. Thanks Kenny for pretending to pose while I snapped a photo of one of them. I’m surprised this photo even turned out because these guys are so fast it’s like a big blur.

I ran by this car today and realized that there aren’t any people in it. Just two seats dressed liked gangsters. The owners clearly don’t joke around when it comes to vehicle security. Or do they?

Speaking of joke around, have you ever tried a bean curd roll? They’re made of mung beans. I spent way too long researching mung beans this morning and found out you can make pretty much anything from them, from pancakes to noodles. If you find yourself in Africa, craving a mung bean, you can ask your Swahili-speaking waiter for some “choroko.”

My friend Jake and I grabbed sushi last night at Kotobuki, a sushi place even farther northwest than Georgetown! Jake has a car so we were lucky enough to get out there and back without having to wait on platform 9 and 3/4.

I was pretty excited for such a wild adventure on a weeknight.

This is my inspiration image for today.



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