yolo, twiggy

After a rainy day yesterday, today I just had to enjoy this side of mother nature.

I snuck in a couple extra miles on my way to the gym.

I could run for hours and am happy to take little detours, but when it comes to the gym I am pretty much in and out. Today I did a quick 20-30 minute workout that mostly focused on arms, abs, back. I don’t really work out the old legs much at the gym since I figure they get a fair amount of pounding on the running side. Plus, I am known for having disproportionately large calf muscles due to genetics and marathon running. So I try to minimize strength training in those areas. A friend sent me this photo which sums up my experience trying to be both fashionable and athletic. Who are skinny jeans made for? Twiggy?

But anyways. Guess what? Here’s another picture of frozen yogurt. I might make an album soon.

Last night I accidentally said “frozen yogurt” and then Anthony and I just got so excited that we had to act upon it immediately. Yes I am wearing my basketball team t-shirt accompanied by a Coach purse. Fashionable AND athletic, I tell you!

I’m pretty sure the sugar and sprinkles ruined all the fancy teeth-cleaning the dentist did for me yesterday, but it was totally worth it. YOLO.



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