troubling tuesday

It’s a grey  one!

I went out for a longer run this morning. I picked it up to about a 7:40 pace for miles 4-7 to keep up the challenge!

But the mud slowed me down a bit.

At one point the misty morning transitioned into a straight up rainy morning. I hadn’t packed any ziploc bags to keep the old electronics safe, so I had to improvise.

Yes, I’ve been known to shred up a few plastic trash bags in my day. They make excellent mini-ponchos for your iPod, on the fly! I got a few looks from some homeless people and truck drivers but at least I could continue to listen to John Mayer for the remaining 5 miles.

Speaking of which, his new album comes out today! I have very low expectations because he has basically transformed into a cowboy for some reason. I’m even from Tennessee, and am still struggling.

Worse than that, I have to go to the dentist today! What the heck?! Rainy run, mediocre music, and an hour in the dentist chair? Good thing I’ve got yoga tonight to soothe my troubled soul.



  1. FRD

    Take it easy on ole John Mayer. All guys have a little cowboy in them and want to ride a horse, shoot a gun, or sit by the campfire under the stars and strum a guiiitar or something. It is part of our DNA, kinda like shopping is for gals I guess?


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