What a weekend!

Highlights included:

Road trip. Huntsville-Winschester-Knoxville-Nashville. Plus too much time on public transport from Baltimore to DC.

A wedding! Congrats Daniel and Tami!

A strange stay at The Maplehurst Inn. This quaint b&b is full of character but still has some catching up to do when it comes to things like wallpaper and fake flower arrangements.

A run around Knoxville, which has more grit than we thought it would.

A fun night at Knoxville Grill and Brewery, which astounded us with extremely low prices.

And, a few short hours to relax and enjoy time with family!


One comment

  1. FRD

    Great to see you and Anthony this weekend, and looking forward to a fun filled 4th week with you guys and the rest of the fam. Nice lake shot and pray for rain ! Sushi Sunday was a bit understated, but a good warm up for a run to the ‘Boro for an AYCE sushi experience.


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