Last night, Anthony and I tried out a handful of new and different spots in town. First, a new restaurant! Cafe Green is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant near my office. They’ve got a menu full of food that’s nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, everything-free. We were a bit skeptical but entirely impressed with our vegetarian dinners!

(Note that we were entirely distracted the whole meal by flocks of people walking by on busy 17th street. Just like the dude right behind us.)

I went for the jobche, which I guess is a spin on japchae, a typical Korean dish. I know that totally looks like beef, but it’s NOT! It’s actually something made of soy, somehow.

Anthony got a dish that was basically two savory pancakes made of soy and beans, I think? And topped with a veggie patty made of veggies and other ingredients. And covered in cheese that was actually not cheese.

It was really good. Definitely one of those meals you’re glad you ate because there’s no way you could ever create the same thing at home.

The adventures continued when we decided to head into Ghana Cafe for some African brews.

Tusker is one of East Africa’s most popular beers. Did you know it accounts for about 30% of Kenya’s beer market? We had both had Tuskers while abroad, but never shared one together.

Anthony tried to pay for our drinks with some leftover Ethiopian birr, but unfortunately he only had about $800 birr which is like 90 cents or something.


The Big Meal was awesome! I’m so glad we saw it. The 90-minute show takes place in a single midwestern restaurant, and shows generations of a single family pass through life. We were super impressed by the actors, who each played multiple characters. I totally bawled my eyes out for about 20 minutes toward the end, but luckily the bathroom had plenty of tissues for emotional support.

I’m sure the waterworks are just getting started- we’re going to a wedding this weekend! But first, I need to pack and squeeze in a track workout. FRIDAY!!!



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