dairy and the moon

Today is a day of rest!

Well, sort of. I still woke up super early, but have been lounging around and enjoying this:

I’m not sure if cottage cheese is a normal breakfast food? I think it’s up there with yogurt etc., but I’m not sure if anyone else eats it for breakfast. I just looked it up and found this article which compares yogurt and cottage cheese. As far as nutrition stats go, cottage cheese has more protein, and less carbs. Yogurt has more calcium, more sugar, and those live active digestive cultures. I think both are good for you – I tend to go for cottage cheese because it’s about half the price of yogurt, and more versatile in my opinion.

Anyways, in addition to today being wonderful because I get to sit in my pajamas for 2+ hours this morning, it’s also wonderful because it’s date night! Anthony and I are going to see The Big Meal!

“From the vantage point of a single restaurant table, five generations share the moments, both epic and intimate, that make a life. Called “one of the more emotionally consuming experiences of recent decades” (Chicago Sun Times), The Big Meal explodes from the mind of one of the country’s most intriguing playwrights.”

Going to the theater is such a fun change from normal outings. We’re slowly tapping into DC’s theater scene.

In other news, those on the west coast should gear up for the ring of fire eclipse this weekend! “As in a total solar eclipse, the moon crosses in front of the sun, but the moon is too far from Earth and appears too small in the sky to blot out the sun completely.”

However…”do not look directly at the eclipsed sun or you can get a serious eye injury. Wear specially made protective glasses that can be bought online or create your own contraption by punching a small pinhole in a cardboard box”

I probably won’t see it here on the east coast, but I think I’ll put a cardboard box on my head just in case.


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