Yesterday evening, I stepped out in the sloggy slush rain for about 5 miles. It felt really nice.

Look who I ran into, walking on his way home from work!

Look who else I ran into! Some Occupiers, who don’t really have a walk home from work. They sleep at work.

I was inspired to read the latest in the Occupier Newsletter after. Which informed me that the Occupiers aren’t actually allowed to sleep in the park. It’s part of their deal with the local po-po. Apparently one of them was found sleeping the other day and thus the group’s Information Tent was taken down.

It appears as if a lot of tents have been taken down, actually. The Occupiers must be getting sleepy! If I had been an Occupier, I would have been booted in the first 4 hours. One of my greatest talents is the ability to fall asleep anywhere. I would have passed out in no time. If there’s ever a protest that involves heavy amounts of sleeping, sign me up.

Is that a bird flying by the monument? It sort of looks like Batman.

By the time I finished my run I was pretty soggy. Running in the rain is totally what you make of it. If you have a good attitude and embrace the cool, it’s wonderful! But you have to be willing to get drenched and have smelly shoes after.

My only recommendation for rain running is to take a Ziploc bag with you, in order to keep your phone/iPod/camera safe! Simple, but absolutely life saving! Sometimes when it starts to rain mid-run, I desperately scan the sidewalks for a stray plastic bag. I’ve been known to steal people’s plastic newspaper sleeves on occasional rainy morning runs…!

Speaking of rainy mornings, today is one of those again. I went on soggy run #2, but this time just a mile to and a mile back from the gym. My shoes were still smelly and wet from yesterday, and made squishy noises the whole way. I did box jumps, pushups, lunges, blah blah blah. Yeah muscles!

Rain is pretty, but sort of glum. Let’s end this post with a picture of cookies I took at Panera over the weekend.

I will take the chocolate duet please.



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