culture and couches

What a weekend!

After my big scary run on Saturday, Will and Kristen met Anthony and me for a stroll through Passport DC.

It’s a pretty cool event where the embassies open their doors to the public for a weekend. Lots of culture, food, and costumes! We definitely didn’t make it to all the embassies; still, we did a pretty good job seeing Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and I think a few others?

We liked Italy a lot. Beautiful building, and a magical moment for Anthony (who is half Italian).

Arancini and other Italian delicacies on the lawn. Our feet were tired!

I would really like to own this car. It’s my favorite car of all cars right now. It’s pretty pointless to have a car in DC, but one day I’ll get one! For now I have to be happy with my 1987 Schwinn.

Like my shirt? Anthony gave it to me as a present!

Though it is an impressive top, the best dressed award goes to these Estonian women:

And to this guy.

The Belgian embassy filled us up on chocolate, waffles, breads, and beer. Those people really know how to feed a hungry and tired tourist.

The day ended with a big ole bowl of nachos and some refreshing bevs. We kept it cultural by going to a Mexican place.

The day made us start thinking about travel. Definitely a passion among all 4 of us! I can’t say for sure where I would want to vacation or live next. Top choices would be Thailand, Scotland, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Vietnam. Totally would depend on how long we planned to be there. And of course whether there were good running trails or not.

I don’t think we’re going anywhere soon, though. Anthony’s really giving in to DC and buying some FURNITURE.

Victor (his soon-to-be-roommate) and us went Sunday couch shoppin’.

There are so many couches to sit on. I tried to convince the boys to get a couch with cup holders, but I think they will go for something more modern.

This was a potential winner (but in grey, not purple!)

And another gem:

Furniture salesmen are quite aggressive. It’s a bit awkward when they secretly follow you around the store.

We didn’t find any winners yet. Finding that perfect couch is sort of a journey. Luckily Anthony and Victor are dedicated and savvy shoppers. I’m sure they’ll find the magical couch- it’s just a matter of time!

It was a very busy weekend. Still, we found time to take it easy and have some midnight blueberry pie at Kramer books.

You know when you’re thinking about ordering this one thing on the menu, and then the waiter tells recommends it as the best thing on the menu? Absolutely no doubts about how good your pie is going to be. We had that happen. Perfect pie and coffee are a nice ending to a long summery day.




  1. I love that the embassies basically throw a party! I’ve never heard that before, its awesome! I’ll have to make a trip to DC next year at the time they do that. Its a nice season to visit anyway 🙂 Looks like lots of fun !

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