guest post: mexican mother’s day

(A guest post from my mom (who is partying in Mexico), the mother of the year!)

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I am honored to make a guest appearance here. The best Mother’s Day gift of all is having great children like mine! It’s very exciting and fulfilling to see our family growing. My children have pinky promised me 12 grandkids. We are off to a good start!

Random Mother’s Day Musings from Momma: Dia de las Madres in Zihuatanejo, Mexico? I just happened to be in Zihua with Padre, Bary, and Marilyn for the festivities.

How about a few beers for lunch? Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated May 10, always, and most everyone takes the day off and has a few cervezas with Madre.

Zihuatanejo is on the Pacific coast, in the foothills of one of the three Sierra Madre mountain ranges in Mexico. hmmmmm…..who knew?

We did manage to walk into the village most days, just two miles or so. A pretty steep incline on the way back home got our heart rates and thirst elevated. Sweat is good, right? The four of us must be in top shape!

Time to cool off at the pool bar after our strenuous walk back from town.

These are just Dad’s. Need to keep hydrated!!!

More exercise! Also walked through the local market with the resort chef one day.

These limes are for our cervezas later that afternoon.

Decided against the pollo, even though they were enjoying life just a few hours earlier.

We went back and prepared lunch with our fresh ingredients.

As it turned out later, maybe too fresh for Bary! He was ill for the next 4 days.

A relaxing week. Not enough exercise, too much food, muy cervezas, and mucho tequila. Perfecto para las vacaciones. And no hablabas español, still. Interesting, no matter how far from home we may be, seems like our conversations always drifted back to all of our children and the memorable times we have shared. We love y’all!



  1. Tina

    Frank looks like he is quite merry, needs a few more cervezas. Great to see you all having fun with Mother’s day. Keep up the drinking, it is medicinal for stomach ailments. I thought Bazza didn’t have a passport. Does this mean he entered Mexico as an illegal immigrant?
    Love to all

    Trevor (and Tina)

  2. Bazza

    Trevor – shhhh! I used a canoe once I was at Gulf Shores, Al in January. I snuck through the Panama canal and then up the coast to Zihhuatanjo, MX. I am posting this using my smart phone but I am paddling as fast as I can so I can get back by Thanksgiving. A small hurricane might help. I could catch a few good waves and get me there faster.

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