happy police week

There’s a new trail in town.

Its name is Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) and it’s gained some media for being the only real trail in the northeast section of the city. Northeast is where you go to get some gold teeth, liquor, a weave,  etc. all within 2 blocks.

I had to go!

It took me about 4 miles to even find the trail. I had to ask a man behind a dumpster for directions. He told me he was an “answers man,” so I immediately trusted him and followed his guidance down an street lined with fish shops. Per his recommendations, I also took my headphones out so I could hear any robbers who might come my way. Oh dear.

Then, I passed a fun noodle.

And THEN, I found the trail!

Unfortunately I was around 6 miles at this point so I only enjoyed MBT for a short while. The construction of this trail is a good initiative, but a little lacking so far. The parts I saw were mostly lined in barbed wire and concrete. Some of the graffiti was sort of charming, though.

Still, I loved this run. Look at what else I saw!

The latest up-and-coming part of DC: H Street Corridor.

The National Police Week 5k. Apparently these celebratory seven days were deemed official by John F. Kennedy in 1962. 30,000 people come to DC to celebrate it. Happy Police Week everyone!

Then I ran to China.

And finally, home. All in all it was a very diverse 10 miles. By the end, I was thinking, wow, DC is a pretty nice city to run in. We’ve got trails, pavement, history, and a ton of culture. And there’s so many runners and walkers and people just out on the sidewalks to encourage you the whole way. I guess that’s why DC is ranked fifth-best city in the nation to run in!

Lucky me. I also have first-ranked friends in the nation. Pizza on the roof was so successful last time, we decided to do it again. Anthony also contributed some Ethiopian goodies, including a bottle of wine that sort of tasted like stale diet coke mixed with bad merlot.

It was very fun to try! But we decided the plants would like this varietal the most.

Conversation topics included massages, Groupons, Greece, and kids on Facebook.

I guess it feels pretty good to have seen DC from top to bottom in the last 24 hours. It’s a great city, from fun noodles to good friends.



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