I realize that I need to get creative when it comes to pictures of Meridian Yoga and FrozenYo because I keep going there and taking pictures of the studio sign and sprinkles.

So yesterday I tried to change it up. Here’s a nice statue at the yoga studio.

And here are the yogurt machines.

Okay, I have to take a shot of the actual creation though. Anthony mixed berry, coconut, chocolate, vanilla. Plus sprinkles because I NEED them.

So, we decided that we spend about $1000000 a year on frozen yogurt. It’s a sad, expensive addiction that I have which must be overcome. Or, perhaps, encouraged in a more financially supportive way? Enter the best idea we’ve had in a while:

A frozen yogurt maker. I usually keep it pretty simple when it comes to kitchen appliances but I think this would be a worthy investment! According to reviews:

“as long as if doesn’t break on me after a few months (and I will update this if it does), I will say this is a great purchase. Now I can make whatever flavor ice cream I desire! Mwhahaha!”

PLUS it comes in red which means it would match my teapot. So basically, a no-brainer. Maybe I’ll be brewing my own froyo next week!!!

Until then, you can find me at the froyo pump. Happy Friday!



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