starting off right

Two things make a morning especially wonderful: a good run and good friends.

The catch is, though, that you have to sacrifice some sleep to acquire time for either of those things (in order to still make it to work on time, too!) But I think it’s worth it to start the day out right.

Today I was oh so tempted to keep sleeping and miss out on my track workout. But, I knew if I postponed the run till this afternoon (or didn’t run at all), it’d be hanging over my head all morning. So I just got up and did it.

This was my “track” for the day, since it was a bit too chilly (and too far) to run all the way to my usual track. Sorry Kenny!

It was a good run.

The past two days, I’ve had excellent company for breakfast! Neither of these people wanted to pose for photos but I made them anyways. Love you guys!

Melanie says, “It’s too early for photos!”

Anthony says, “I’m still recovering from Ethiopian food poisoning!”

I had eggs two days in a row (plus the ones in this recipe I made!). I wonder if my cholesterol levels are okay. MayoClinic says so. Also, sometimes I use those egg whites in a box. Are those good for you? It’s crazy how many different ways the world can package food.

It’s been a pretty low-key week so far, and I’d like to keep it that way! Next week I have multiple evening events plus a trip to Tennessee for a wedding. Wowzahs!


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