grocery smack down round 1

I love grocery shopping. And also, I love getting a good deal.

My office recently relocated near a Whole Foods (AKA “Whole Paycheck”). I once avoided this store like the plague because I felt like I spent $1000 every time I walked in. However, the past few months or so, I’ve started to realize that WF offers some good deals if you go for the right stuff.

In fact, they beat out my usual grocery store (Harris Teeter, AKA “The Teet”) on items that I normally purchase. I had a hunch that WF might be cheaper when it comes to fancier stuff (for example, I bought saffron there for about $6 less than what I would have paid at HT. Olive oil is also way cheaper!), but wasn’t quite sure if it really was, or if the fancy signage and paper packaging were just playing mind games with me. So, I did a little price comparison. Yes I walked around the store taking pictures of eggs and peanut butter.

(Most runners are also peanut butter connoisseurs.)

Just shootin’ some shots at the grocery store.

I am very price sensitive when it comes to navel oranges and nut products.

Also I eat a tub of lettuce every week.

And here is how it panned out. The numbers don’t lie!

TotalFood Whole Foods Harris Teeter


Navel Orange 0.99/each 0.79/each


Sugar Snap Peas 3.99/lb 3.99/lb


Avocados 1.69/each (Mexico) 2.79/each (Hass)

WF (although, HT’s are  slightly bigger in size)

16 oz spring mix 5.99/each (Earthbound) 5.99/each (HT brand)

WF (Earthbound tastes better)

Cashews .437/oz .699/oz


Deli meat 9.99-10.99 (fancy brands) 9.99/lb (Boar’s Head)


Organic peanut butter .166/oz (WF brand) .224/oz (HT brand)


Bulk coffee  11-12.99/lb 9.99/lb (HT brand)


Organic chicken breast 6.99/lb 8.99/lb


Fage 2% plain large container 3.49/each 3.79/each


Eggs- white, 18 ct. Doesn’t have! 12 count is 3.19 3.79


Dried cranberries 0.261/oz (WF brand) 0.489/oz (Craisins)


Winner: Whole Foods! Though I’m sure Harris Teeter would pull through on a number of other items, and total kicked Whole Foods’s butt when it came to eggs and coffee, I think WF did pretty well. There are a number of other items (bread, cottage cheese, cereal, condiments) that I’d like to add to the list that I think might be a closer battle. But, I’ll save those for Smackdown Round 2.

Apart from my market analysis, I stepped out for a tempo run this morning. It was satisfying, fast, and efficient. Just like  a good trip to the grocery store.

Last day of girls’ weeks for Mary! Safe travels to Anthony who shares my passion for grocery shopping.



    • definitely a toss-up when it comes to a weekend grocery trip for all your goods. luckily, i live close enough to both where i can be a bit strategic…stock up on greek yogurt at one, tin foil at the other. this is also known as sticking it to the man.

  1. serenaruns

    When I go to whole foods the shiny stuff calls my name. I spend more, but whole foods has the best granola I’ve ever had!

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