Something about a long run on Saturday mornings always makes me smile.

(Even though I’m usually frowning when I have to wake up at 6:30). The weather was gorgeous! SUNNY. I got a tan. Sweet.

The club and I did a toursity route through the monuments.

We ran right through the Avon walk for Breast Cancer! Go girls! The walkers and us shared some motivational phrases and arm pumps through the mile. 

Good ole Jefferson Mon.

Total route for me was 14 miles. I’m aware that this distance can seem incredibly long or incredibly short to different people.

To me, 13-15 mile long runs are a good “base” mileage to have when not training for a marathon. It tells me that I’m still in shape, and that when I do start training, I won’t die. But also tells me that I don’t have to take 2 hour naps or worry about having jelly legs for the rest of the day.

Everyone has different things that work for them. I know some runners that are either in marathon mode or complete couch potato mode. I know other runners who are in ultra marathon mode or just mild marathon mode, with 20 miler weekend runs the norm. And most people I know are runners who stick to 3-5 mile runs, and think anything longer is crazy. And I think they’re all fine. It’s just whatever works for you and makes you feel fit and happy. I do think that everyone should try to add a mile or two every now and then just for the challenge. And also, I’m not crazy.

One runner’s rule of thumb, though, is that whatever your weekly mileage is, you should never increase it by more than 10% in one week. So, if you’re running 15 miles a week, you really shouldn’t run more than 16.5 next week. If you ran 40 miles this week, you shouldn’t run more than 44 next week. More about this principle here.

I stopped to look at the MLK memorial, which I hadn’t seen yet. Very cool.

What a good run! I sweat a LOT.

Flashback to last night:

Daniela and I discussed the ins and outs of master’s programs, the middle east, men, vegetables, and budgeting.

I had a craving for tomatoes.

Daniela, wise woman she is, informed me that tomatoes are healthy, but healthier when paired with olive oil. Apparently, the fat in the oil brings out the lycopene in the tomato. I looked up the evidence. Who knew?

Other than the fact that I poured boiling water on my hand about an hour ago and now have a bag of frozen broccoli for a left hand, I think this weekend is shaping up nicely! I’m off to Baltimore this afternoon and can’t wait to see charm city again.



  1. What a fun run! Love that you ran into a breast cancer walk. Fun!! I’ve heard some things like that about tomatoes. No problem because that’s how they work best. My base is probably about 10. If I can run 10 miles once a week or so, I feel like I’m in decent shape. I’m kind of on the really low end of that and have been doing a lot of 3’s and 5’s lately too.

  2. Tina

    Sorry to hear about your burn on your hand, take care of yourself and enjoy Baltimore. (Don’t forget to leave the broccoli home before you leave-Trevor)

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