muffin pie and civil war

Remember I said that muffins were on the menu this week? I got all the ingredients, pre-heated the oven, mixed up the batter, and then…realized I didn’t have a muffin tin. Fail.

So, I made a muffin pie:

I’ve been having it for breakfast this week (in slice form). Paired with jam or other toppings! It was tasty, but I’m not in a rush to make it again.

Today I did this workout. I heard that this trainer Zuzana makes good, quick workouts that are tough. Her videos are hilarious. She has a fun accent and does pushups etc. on random rooftops in Russia or something. The photo below is the only somewhat PG-rated image you can find when searching on Google for her.

The whole time I could hear her funny voice in my head! “Svvuuuuuper intense, svvvuuuuper challenging!!! Make svuurre you do not crush yor skuwwwlll”

Anyways, that was sort of weird and entertaining. The weather and weekend on the radar made me want to run, though! I did an easy short jog.

I wanted to take a picture of this monument.

Then, some random man asked me if I wanted a picture with the monument. The answer is frankly no, but I said yes.

Wow. I’ve always wanted a shot with General George B. McClellan. My Tennesseean ancestors would be disappointed to see me posing with a Union general. Didn’t see that one coming this morning!

Also didn’t see this lady coming! But, destiny intervened and there I was with friend, former roommate, and recently-accepted Georgetown business school candidate Kristen McGrath. She was a good sport and posed for a sweaty photo with me.

Remember the couch for sale? Well, it’s gone. But the owners are now cleaning out their shoe closet. I was looking for a vintage pair of black industrial slip-ons, but these unfortunately weren’t my size.

Eastern Europe, civil war history, good friends, and free shoes?! I’d say it was a well-rounded workout.

The weekend is HERE!




  1. Oh Zuzana. Yeah. Not terribly pg. Haha. I love it when she says and this is going to work your legs and your butt. Cute accent. I was thinking of doing the new zwod this afternoon!!! that muffin pie look fabulous.

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