stretching and sprinting

I’m not sold on the idea that yoga improves your running or vice versa. But I do think they’re both good for you in different ways.

So I try to do them both.

I have 10 classes at this studio, and yesterday I tallied up #5. The class was a little over an hour, “vinyasa intermediate” style. I would never consider myself intermediate, but the other classes I’ve taken at Meridian Yoga have been really basic, and, hate to say it, kind of boring. So I took it up a notch.

Followed by some 500 meter sprints this morning!

I’m starting quite a collection of Teddy Roosevelt High School track photos.

I even busted out my Garmin to track my time! Fastest was 1:59. By the end of the summer let’s hope it’s lower than that! There’s debate about benefits of yoga + running but track + running is a no-brainer in terms of getting faster. I started running track when training for my second marathon, and reduced my race time by 20 minutes!

Kenny and I posed for some very authentic running shots:

Look at the prettiest flower I passed on my way home! Even though we’ve had some rainy days this week, there’s always something bright and cheery if you look for it. That’s life.



  1. janae@hungryrunnergirl

    GORGEOUS PICTURES and way to get out to the track, love track workouts. Keep us updated if you notice a difference now that you are doing yoga.

    • thanks! I’ve been doing yoga more regularly for the past 8 months or so, in combination with weights and other cross training. I think I’ve gotten faster and less prone to injury, but who knows what the factors are. I also made some really awesome playlists which could definitely be the root explanation.

    • I love 500s too, for this reason: when you do a 500, with a 300 cool down, it equals EXACTLY 2 laps around the track. Which means you start and end at the same spot each time! Random but I like the consistency.

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