I’ve always wanted to go to Julia’s empanadas.


Luckily, an overly-happy hour led to a dinner out, rather than dinner in!

Leah (above), Miriam (below), and I picked up some speedy empanadas from the vacant and fluorescent shop. An empanada is a delicious blend of something like a crepe, a pie, and a burrito. I got “the Chilean” which had olives, beef, raisins, and hardboiled egg. I have never been to Chile but if they actually eat these regularly I am moving there.

Miriam has actually had all of Julia’s empanadas before. She’s pretty much an expert.

An spicy empanada just wouldn’t be complete without a sweet bowl of frozen yogurt. These two food shops (I wouldn’t call either a restaurant) are located RIGHT next to each other which is a recipe for disaster (or, complete bliss).

Oh wait, did I also mention that this was fueled by alcohol as well? My friend Jessie and I had met up pre-empanada for a drink after work. We went to Agora, probably the best bar for happy hour near the north Dupont area (but not the best bar for actual dinner FYI. Example: a side of rice costs $8.)

No, it’s not the alcohol that made this picture so blurry. It’s just that my camera isn’t great. Luckily the drinks and company were though!

So basically this post makes it look like I did nada yesterday except eat crap. BUT actually that’s not true! I did go for a run. It was rainy.

This morning I headed to the gym, fueled by sugar, beef, and beer from last night. It was still rainy.

I had an intense workout inspired by Tina’s crossfit routine. The name of the blog post was “sweat to impress,” so I knew this workout was right up my alley.

Is it Wednesday already? Weeknight adventures sure do make the time fly.



  1. Anthony

    So a couple of things to note:

    1. There is half as much froyo in that container than usual, plus an absence of multiple toppings
    2. Were the empanada’s all that they were cracked up to be?
    3. I bet that side of rice at Agora came out on a massive plate with a serving size no bigger than a matchbox
    4. We need to get you a new camera
    5. I am writing this from a massaging chair

    • Maybe I just ate half before I snapped the photo?!! True on the rice plate, not sure about the empanadas. We have to go and try another one. Not sure how I felt about raisin + beef + egg. That was a bit out there. New camera, yes, massage chair….huh?!

    • A pizza flavored empanada? Is that possible? If so that is like top 10 best thing I’ve ever heard of. But then again, I guess a calzone is more or less just that. Hmmm. Definitely something to ponder.

  2. Tina

    Mary your day sounds great , great food good company and exercise but what is Anthony doing relaxing in a massaging chair?

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