something is better than nothing

the season is OVER.

We lost our final game, but hey, we got 12 points! And had fun.

Wu-Tang Clan had such a great season! I learned so much from my teammates who were very patient with me. Monday nights just won’t be the same again.

Yesterday, I didn’t run in the morning. For no real reason other than I didn’t feel like it. After a long day at work I was like, I NEED to get out and stretch my legs! I only had about 35 minutes before I had to meet the team for our game, but I figured 35 minutes was better than 0 minutes. Sometimes I feel like people toss out exercise unless it fits perfectly into their schedule. That means, less exercise. So I usually decide to fit a run in whenever I can, even if it means showing up to the game already sweaty. As mentioned before, sweaty isn’t anything to be ashamed of! It means you’re efficient.

On my run I saw more strange things in DC, such as:

1. Grimy couch for grabs. People in DC often throw out old stuff on the sidewalk because we don’t have room to store it and don’t have time to sell it. Not that I think anyone would buy this beauty though.

2. Oversized dog overflowing out of an apartment way too small for him. People in DC also love to keep extremely large pets in extremely tiny places. Poor things.

3. A wild cat. Much more at peace with nature than the dog, but also running toward a road with very high traffic. Hope he made it.

Fun fact: I have terrible luck with pets. I lost my brother’s pet snake, my first cat was eaten by coyotes, and my last cat ran away after suffering a violent and messy digestive disorder. Since then, I have only had one pet – a robotic cat that my roommate gave me a few years ago. I just take out the batteries and she’s super safe! Best pet ever.

But anyways, a losing game and a quick run is better than no game and no run, right? I think Monday was more than good enough. And Tuesday will be even better!




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