Luck wasn’t on my side when I asked my friends to come to a Saturday potluck on my roof. By Wednesday, we knew it was supposed to be too cold + rainy for such an event.

But we didn’t let Mother Nature stop us. We moved it inside!

We got pretty creative in terms of food. Mac and cheese, Peruvian chicken, salad, lox + bagels, quiche, lemon squares, and cake!

Speaking of cake. This was my contribution:

Recipe here. I made this cake (well, something really similar) in college and won first place in a bake off! Last night I nixed the cream cheese frosting for a healthier option- light cool whip!

We got even more creative when it came to seating and somehow fit all 9 of us in my small and poorly lit living room.

Theme of the meal was “bring a dish that you have a story about.” Conversation topics included: self defense, fish and chips, Jake’s trip to Peru, Jewish traditions, blogging, outer space, Cambodia, and what Kevin likes to eat for breakfast. (Jake and Kevin below)

The massive clock behind me was the best impulse purchase I’ve ever made.

Scott and Sara have been achieving lots of things lately. They got engaged, promoted, and accepted to grad school! Plus Scott is basically an astronaut. He works for NASA. Look at the fancy beer Jake provided! yum.

Lucky me for having such amazing cooks for friends!

Around 11 or so we decided to hit the dance floor at El Centro. Of course it started raining on our walk there, but again we didn’t let the climate get us down. After a few sweaty salsa sessions, I headed home and fed my exhausted roommates leftovers from the party. It’s just so nice to share food with people you love.



  1. serenaruns

    That cake looks delicious. We had guests over and I made surprise cupcakes with peanut butter cups inside. I think if you ate more than one you’d go into a sugar coma. I’ll try the cake next time!

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