haunted and hungover

Before a long run I always eat some peanut butter toast + coffee. It’s a magical combination. Eases the stomach, fuels the legs, sparks the mind!

And also soaks up some of the wine from last night.

Remote and wine glass within reach? Pretty much summed up the evening.

Wine and TV just hit the spot after a long week. YAY.

Anyways, back to this morning. The club and I headed out on some forbidden paths.

We covered about 13 miles.

What made the run special (apart from the quad-shattering hills) was our historic and controversial 2 miles down Klingle Road. The road (as pictured above) is officially closed to all pedestrian and auto traffic (not that we cared), and has a dark and disputed history.

Though the road once served grain traders in prehistoric times or something, and then served as a critical cross-street for medics and the like in the war years, it closed in 1991 and has since to reopen despite repeated efforts.There’s been a number of studies on the economic and environmental impact of re-opening the road, either as a strictly-pedestrian trail, or a traffic route. The reasons for keeping the route closed are unclear but seem to involve the area’s rich people, traffic noise, politics, pride, etc. The usual DC thing, you know. There’s actually a neighborhood coalition to re-open the road. INTERESTED IN JOINING?!! Go to http://www.repairklingleroad.org/.

I’ve already signed up for like 1000 anti-this and pro-that groups this week so I think I’ll pass on the Klingle club for the time being. Plus, I kind of liked the abandoned and haunted look of the whole thing.

Adventure out of the way, I’m keeping it domestic for the rest of the day. Baking up a storm and cleaning the apartment in preparation for a potluck dinner tonight!



  1. momma d

    Kath and Popsicle often have wine and TV nights. As summer approaches this is moving towards more of a gin/vodka and tonic event. Great looking runway.

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