all the single ladies

Girls’ week continues!

Melanie and I walked to work together yesterday- even the rain won’t stop us! Fun fact about Melanie: Her umbrella is in fact from Brooks brothers, but it is unisex.

More girl time when Catherine and I met up for frozenyo in the evening. Fun fact about Catherine: She does not like toppings on her froyo.

We had some good chats. Lucky me for having such nice ladies in my life!

Tonight, we’re having women’s wine night at my apartment. This usually means lots of cheap wine paired with New Girl. I believe we might even add sushi to the menu for tonight’s occasion!

I’m feeling a bit better and went to the park to do some hills + burpees, sit ups, pushups, tuck jumps. I just didn’t want to go to the gym- it’s too nice out to be inside!

Love the mini-gardens people sneak in the city.

Though I have loved having soem quality girl time, I am ready for Anthony to come back. Less than 2 weeks!

And because it’s friday:



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