to run or not to run.

I’m sick.

Looks like the city is taking a day of rest too! The morning looks sleepy. The sun is hiding!

When I’m sick, the question is always To Run or Not To Run. The answer depends on a lot of things, like whether I’m training for a race or not, whether it’s nice outside or not, whether I’m running with a group or not, etc. The biggest rule I follow is the “neck rule” created by some crazy runner at some point in history. Basically, the rule says that you should NOT run if you’re feeling sick symptoms below your neck (chest pain, fatigue, muscle pain, etc.), and if you have symptoms above the neck (stuffy nose, sore throat, etc.) then you COULD run (carefully). I’m in the latter group right now, thankfully, but I reflected on the first series of questions and decided a run this morning was a no-go. It’s gross outside, I feel blah, I’m not running with anyone, and I’m not in training = more sleep, and hopefully quick recovery!!

What’s positive about being sick? Well, you get to eat lots of soup, tea, and gatorade. You get sympathy from people. You have an excuse to watch really bad TV. You get to splurge on new Kleenex boxes with fun patterns. You (might) get to miss work. You get to gurgle things. You have an excuse for bad hair days.

I am staying positive!

Other random bad news is this loaf of bread. 

This is seriously the worst bread I’ve ever had. I’ve never eaten a piece of wheat straight from the earth, but I imagine a pure wheat grain would taste something like a slice of this stuff. If good taste means YES high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives, sock em to me!

BUT, staying positive, the plus side of the horrible bread situation is I have an excuse to slather my toast in butter. Not bad!

THE BEST NEWS?! Even though I’m sick and have dirt bread, I have great friends. Such as this one.

Kristen and I took a walk last night through Dupont Circle. I was bumming around in my post-yoga clothes, and she looks so nice!

Speaking of nice-looking, we bumped right into our other friend Liz on our walk! The coincidence obviously called for celebration so we popped into The Front Page bar.

Whenever the bartender  gives you plastic beads, you know it’s a good night.



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