I had enough time to make breakfast at mi casa.

Usually I throw some stuff in a tupperware and eat breakfast at work.

I did some kettlebell stuff and box jumps at the gym. I feel incredibly out of shape every time I do something Crossfit-inspired.

But today I felt especially blah because I’m a bit sick! Wah! I took some of these puppies to help boost the old immune system (or at least, numb the effects of my illness).

And sipped on some Adagio tea. Anthony and I had heard great stuff about this tea so we ordered some the other week! And he gave me this nice steeper thing to brew the loose leaves.

So, back to the eggs. I recently purchased some smoked spanish paprika (per recommendation of Kath!) and tested it out as an egg topper this morning. I was nervous it would be too hot, but my fears melted when I tasted its smoky, sweet, and slight hot flavor. Neato.

So what’s the deal with cayenne pepper, paprika, and chili powder anyways? I used to think they were basically all the same thing but apparently not, Google tells me. Cayenne is the hottest, and is more or less straight up pepper. Chili powder is a blend that has pepper in it, but also has other stuff like cumin and cinnamon. And lastly, the mildest of them all is paprika, which has a range of sweet, smoky, and hot to mild depending on where you get it from etc. Maybe next time I’ll go for the Hungarian!

Spice collection. What’s next? Maybe I’ll start a tacky hot sauce collection.


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  1. The kettlebells continue to kick my butt too. Two days later, I’ll be like what the heck did I do? why can’t i sit up in bed? oh yeah. kbs!! I love getting a good breakfast in at home!

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