sweaty socializing

Nothing like a crack-of-dawn-run-with-friends to get a Tuesday going!

We ran around the National Cathedral etc.

Followed by an (unpictured) coffee date at Tryst. Like last time, we were the only ones in the cafe. Yes!

Miriam and I noted how unbelievably sweaty we were for a chillier morning. Which led to a larger discussion about sweat in general and what it means. You know, typical girl talk.

Actually, I had heard that sweating a lot actually means that you’re more fit, rather than out of shape. Contrary to popular belief. If you sweat a lot, it probably means that your body is more “efficient” at cooling itself off. Awesome. I looked it up this rumor just out of curiosity and the experts say true!

So, I’m not “sweaty”…I’m just “efficient.” Maybe I’ll wear the “I love to sweat” shirt Anthony got me on my next run. Plus, I’m super lucky to have friends who like to sweat too!

Such as my basketball teammates.

Last night we suffered another loss, but as the photo above shows, we gave it our all like usual. Next week is the playoffs!



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