meatloaf monday

It might seem like Monday but I am viewing it as a great embarkment on the 1,285th week of my life! This is the only 1,285th week I’ve got so I’m planning on making it a good one.

Highlights will include meatloaf and muffins. Muffins because I have an awkward jar of applesauce I want to get rid of, meatloaf because, well, I don’t know. The muffins are yet to come, but the meatloaf was born yesterday and given an A+ by myself and Miriam, who came over for dinner.

Meatloaf isn’t any good without Meatloaf:

When I was little, my brother told me that Meatloaf got his name from a dare to lay under a moving car. “The car rolled over his head and his brains looked like meatloaf after,” Frank told me. Somehow, Meatloaf lived on to write amazing ballads with a mostly functioning brain.

This morning’s tempo run was cool and wet. Where did spring go? Anyways, I kept it fast and patriotic.

Obama, your house is supposed to be white not grey. Geeeeeeez.

I would do anything for love.

But I won’t do that.







  1. Haha. I should do a fast & patriotic run!! I hate hate hate meatloaf. I even had a horrendous incident where I wasa guest at a friends’ parents and they were having this nice dinner. I could NOT scarf it down.

    • meatloaf is right up there with things like sushi, frosting, and o-town. people either love it or hate it. i tend to like all of those mentioned in addition to meatloaf.

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