cooling and fueling

Nothing I love more than a big post-run feast. Fueled back up!

Anthony met me at Founding Farmers for brunch after my run. We’ve always wanted to go there for breakfast but geographically it’s not ideal for either of us (we’re carless). BUT, yesterday, we both ended up in the Foggy Bottom area (me, for my run, him for an errand at his office).

The food was pretty tasty (especially that salad and sausage!) but we both agreed that breakfast is pretty much a meal that is just as good (or better?) if you make it yourself. He got an veggie/egg scramble that we actually had to complain about because it was all watery. The restaurant is basically a mad house on the weekends, and I think the chefs were just a bit too busy to take care of our food. We haven’t written the restaurant off our list, but will be sure to go on a week night next time!

After breakfast, my boyfriend dashed off to Vietnam! He’ll be there for a couple weeks doing cool stuff for work. I’m trying to convince him to write a guest post while he’s away!

My legs are still a bit tingly from 14 miles in this.

I ran with the club, but my running buddy Emily and I got too engrossed in conversation to notice we completely went off-route. After about 3 miles in the wrong direction, we figured we’d just make up our own route. Pioneers indeed!

After a nice long nap, I was re-energized for a walk  through Dupont Circle and around town with this lady. We caught the last hour of beauty before the city got hit with a bucket of rain!

We’re suckers for neon-colored beverages. Keeping us looking and feeling cool on a hot day!

Melanie also hosted a mini-Blackhawks party lat night. We cheered them on through overtime and THEY WON! I have never even watched this team but have now become a fan. The victory was followed by a dance party with some strangers in the bar. I am always amazed how so many people know every word to the exact same song. Spice Girls and Queen bring people together.

I basically covered the entire DC area and half of Virginia yesterday on foot. Look what I found en route!

Thumbs up for free cash.



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