Having a camera around at all times has been really great.

You can take pictures of diehard shoppers at Whole Foods.

That is how insane the salad bar gets during lunch break.

You can also take pictures of Harry Reid and security personnel (also at Whole Foods).

An anti-World Bank/IMF/IFC protest outside Anthony’s building.

Or, a man carrying a massive inflatable shark.

Oh DC, I love you!

The spectatorship continued last night when this man took me to a Nationals game:

We had some overpriced drinks, eavesdropped on strange conversations around us, imagined moving to Vietnam, and reminisced about the first time we “met” (at a Nats game). Basically we did everything except watch the game, which was perfectly fine because it’s really just about the atmosphere and fried food.

This guy was sitting in front of us, wearing sunglasses (at night) and hitting on girls about 10 years younger him.

We left during the 8th inning but looked at the score this morning like true fans. The Nats won! Go baseball!



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