dragon time

It has arrived!


Last night I tossed a few back with the DC Road Runners. It was a good time.

Club president did not want to take a photo.

I have to say, runners are pretty weird. We definitely had some geeky running talk about all things energy gels, Garmins, race times, timing mats, etc. No one can seem to talk about anything other than running. But I guess that’s okay.

But actually, runners are less weird than yoga people. (yogis?) This morning I went to Meridian Yoga again for class #2.

The teacher had us pretend like we were dragons. First, we laid on the ground and imagined ourselves as dragons. (I was gold with pink spots.) Then, we rose and flew over our kingdoms. Then, we spread our tails. And finally, rolled on our back and showed off our dragon bellies.

Interesting start to the weekend for sure. The instructor told us our moves were “delicious.”

A tinge of nostalgia when the Boston Marathon group sent me a reminder- LAST CHANCE to get your photos from the 2011 race! Ha. No thanks- I look like death. Probably not nearly as bad as this year’s runners did, though- my heart goes out to everyone who braved the heat! That was crazy.

For me, Boston was the sort of race that you do to say that you did. I’m not in a big rush to run it again, but probably would if the opportunity came up in the next 5 or so years.

Look who’s BACK!

Bear says happy Friday.



    • I am seriously addicted. Haha, thank you! It says, “I love to sweat.” My dear boyfriend bought it for me because he is in ongoing awe at the amount of lady-like sweat I can produce in a single mile.

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