I’ve been coming to this track (almost) every Thursday for the past 1.5 years. The repetition falls somewhere between habit and dedication.

Speaking of repeats, that’s what I did. A handful of 200m sprints to some Sleighbells.

And I got to watch the dark:

go to light.

I am all up for new routes, but one joy of running the same loop over the course of time is seeing the streets change. When I lived in Baltimore, I ran up and down one of the city’s main streets – Charles Street – at least twice a week. For about 4 years. I witnessed shops open and close, roads repaved, people grow older on their commute to work, sidewalks go from concrete to brick to broken brick. Ever so slowly.

More recently, I have witnessed the gradual depreciation of this bike. It’s chained to the track fence. It started with one wheel, then lost the seat, then the other wheel…Now, look at its poor skeleton.

I’ll have to toast to its lost life tonight at the DC Road Runners happy hour!


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